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The Secret Marketing Mindset Learn What The Most Successful Marketers Have in Common and How You Can Have It Right Now!

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Secret Marketing Mindset

Learn What The Most Successful Marketers Have in Common and How You Can Have It Right Now!

The Information in this e-book is intended for educational purposes only.
The owner of this product has used his best efforts in preparing this product. The owner makes no representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability, fitness, or completeness of the contents of this product. The information contained in this product is strictly for educational purposes. Therefore, if you wish to apply the information contained in this product, you are taking full responsibility for your actions. WE DO NOT PURPORT THIS AS A “GET RICH SCHEME.”  EVERY EFFORT HAS BEEN MADE TO ACCURATELY REPRESENT THIS PRODUCT AND IT'S POTENTIAL.

The owner disclaims any warranties (express or implied), merchantability, or fitness for any particular purpose. The owner shall in no event be held liable to any party for any direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental or other consequential damages arising directly or indirectly from any use of this material, which is provided "as is", and without warranties.

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 A Note to My Readers

Dear Marketer,

The information in this e-book that you are about to read will prepare you to embark on a journey that will bring you to a place where you have longed to be.  Where is that?  Generating an online - ongoing stream of passive income and being a successful person in everything you do!

I’ll tell you and show you specifically what all successful and wealthy people have in Common.  This will provide you with a tremendous amount of valuable information that will allow you to change your mindset and prepare your self to be a huge success.

I hope that you will enjoy this information and that you will also profit from it.  By following the steps and information in this report, you can change everything around you and become a huge success.

Read through the entire report and soak in the information.  Okay, enough of all that.  Let’s get started and find out how you can become a wealthy and successful person!   You Are A Success Warrior!

To Your Success,



A Note To My Readers. 5

Introduction.. 7

Understanding Opportunity. 7

My First Successful And Automated Niche Site. 10

The Ebay Model 11

How To Choose A Niche. 14

Duplicating My Success. 15

Know Your Industry. 16

Missed Chances. Sound Familiar?.. 16

Summary. 23

You Must Brand Yourself 30

Your Personal Resource Reserve. 30

The Top 10 Reasons For Success. 36

I Bet You Know More Than You Think. 38

3 Factors That Hinder Success. 48

Prepare Yourself 53

Everlasting Ideas For Your Business. 54

Gradual Progress. 55

Keep Building Those Resources - The Key To Quick Success. 56

Mistakes Are Good.. 57

I Can’t Because.. 58

Summary. 59


The Secret Marketing Millionaire mindset is often hard to pick up on. Normal people from normal backgrounds going on to be huge successes. What makes them different from those that don’t make the cut or achieve their goals, hopes and dreams for the future? Observe carefully and the answers become clear, what’s more, you can achieve anything that you want in life if you simply changing your mind set.
Let’s explore the Secret Internet Marketing mindset of the successful entrepreneur and online Internet marketer specifically over a number of topics, and look at exactly how you can achieve the exact same success in effect the way you’re doing business in the most positive way!

Understanding Opportunity
Let me start off by saying that this report is coming straight from inside my heart, and for good reason. My goal is to help us understand and see exactly what it takes to become a successful warrior, how I know that this is fact, how it presents itself to you, how to spot it, and most importantly, how it relates to your business and you as a success. This is not a step-by-step how to, but it's been as important as ever in getting me to where I am now, and it's likely that it'll do the same for you if you read it carefully and apply the principles that I’m about to show you.

I'm here to tell you that the wealthy and successful entrepreneurs are not any different from you and me. This guide will shock you and open your eyes to show you how you too can become a Successful Millionaire Marketer and achieve your dreams.

As you know, I got started on line by building my business with just one website just that generates over $25,000 every month, while I spend no more than 3 hours a week of my own time.  I now have 4 of these businesses and plan to add several more over time. I don't tell you this to brag or toot my own horn.  I just want you to know that I am not a fly by night Marketer, but a REAL and successful online business entrepreneur with Proof to back it up.

I have been "flying below the radar" for years and have made over millions with my business.  Can you imagine the feeling each and every day making as much as $1000, $2000, or even $5000 per day!  Well, you can and will if you grab a hold of the Secret Millionaire Marketing Mindset!

My Personal Story
From a 70 Hour a Week Slave to
Internet Niche Business Builder and Success Coach

"I believe that Every person has the ability to build an online niche empire, tap into their explosive and dynamic creativity, and start living the lifestyle of freedom and success that you have always dreamed about!"

As a very profitable online entrepreneur and success coach, Derek Tomei's my goal is to assist you in achieving your ultimate dreams and building a 'REAL' business around it.  I have a unique ability to motivate and lead people towards the pathway to ultimate freedom and success!  Also, I want to open your eyes to a new world of ideas and concepts that can take you on the wildest ride of your life to enable you to live the life of your dreams.

I was born on April 18th, 1970 in the home town of Henry Ford at Dearborn, Michigan.  At a very early age in life, I embraced a spirit of success and entrepreneurialism. It started with a paper route at the age of only 9 years of age and several other jobs thereafter. I was raised with a foundation of honesty and integrity that compelled me to always work to the best of his abilities and always over-deliver to my employers and everyone else he served.

I was raised by two loving parents, Mary and Anthony Tomei who taught me to be responsible at a very early age. However, I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth.  My father was a hard working man that worked for over 37 years in a factory for Ford Motor Company.

While my hard working father provided all of the needs for our family, when I turned 15 years of age, my parents told me that I would have to get a job to earn money for the extra things that I wanted.  It was at this point in life that I drew upon my entrepreneurial spirit to continue to always learn more and work hard.

At the age of 16 years old, my high school diving coach Mark Bak asked me to work with him in his photography business.  I took on the role of working as a video-grapher, recording and editing videos for weddings.  While I was working for Mark, he would play Zig Zigglar tapes and this is where my thirst and hunger for success began.

When I graduated from high school I had the option of starting my own wedding video business or going off to college.  I went off to college and earned my B.S. in computer science in 1994.  From there I started my first job making $30,000 a year.  I was always over-delivering and continued to get promotions and raises to the point where he I making a 6 figure salary within 4 years.

I then picked up some experience and skills that allowed me to became a PeopleSoft programmer for a company where I ended up working over 70 hours a week just to earn this six figure salary.  Those hours were way too much for me and my wife and I had just had our 4th child.  As an over deliverer, I always wanted more out of my career and my life.  I wanted to be in business for myself, but was fearful of being able to make ends meet for my family, if I took the plunge.

That is when I started a small website based on my PeopleSoft niche so that I could learn HTML.  Little did I know what would become of that site.  But I just kept that as a side business to earn extra income.  Then I realized I could earn more money and put more of my expertise into practice by working independently as a consultant.  But all the while, I kept building my online niche business to the point that it was making six figures on auto-pilot.  I then duplicated these sites for other industries and realized that I had an automated money making machine.  My entrepreneurial blood began to pump through my veins at a rapid pace.

Throughout all of these years, I have continued to learn and grow myself and my businesses through personal self development.  I also engaged in a very successful network marketing businesses.  And, All of these successes empowered me to finally quit working a job and focus on assisting others to tap into their dreams, discover their niche and build a real business around it.

Are You Ready To Have The Success And Freedom That You Deserve?

My First Successful and Automated Niche Site

The big buzz around the marketing industry is niche sites.  This is picking up speed and many marketers are launching products and sites that are niche-specific because they know that is where the money is and they are trying to get in on the latest craze. Unfortunately, many of these marketers have never even owned a real niche site outside of the marketing industry itself.  So, how can they teach you anything that is proven? They usually can't.  That is why I wrote this report.  I have several successful niche sites that are almost 100% automated and generate a passive six figure income. And, I keep duplicating these sites, with every chance I get.

If you're an internet marketer than you know that this market is saturated with products and services on internet marketing and this is becoming an increasing problem. Having a niche business is one of the best business opportunities on the internet.  I started my niche business back in 1999 and they have been steadily growing since.  Establishing and building profitable niche businesses is the absolute best way of developing a recurring income stream that will continue for years and years.   The best online niche businesses are those that are fully automated.  By this, I mean that you do not have to spend much time maintaining these sites at all.

The Ebay Model

What kinds of sites are automated? eBay,, or any type of online auction or recruiting web sites is an automated site that relies on the end users to update the content.  That is exactly what you want to have for a niche site.  eBay is the model that you want to copy in your niche site.

What is the eBay Model? The beauty of eBay's business model is that it brings millions of people together to provide a service unavailable anywhere else. That may seem standard on the Internet, but it actually isn't. eBay brings people together and they supply all the content, product, service, etc..

Think of it in horizontal and vertical terms. ESPN or CBS Sports Line, or the Wall Street Journal online are companies that provide information, data and articles about the sports world or the financial world. Each of these sites is a vertical site. For example, these sites have employees or teams of “experts” that constantly have to update content so that its audience comes back every day to read their articles. This specific easily exists as a magazine or daily newspaper with very little alteration from what they do now.

eBay is the extreme opposite of these types of sites. They have a horizontal business model that enables transactions and communications between millions of buyers and sellers.  The sellers place the content to sell their product or service and the buyers visit the site because they are looking to buy their product or service.  It's for that reason that eBay is a company with $47 million in sales and 140 employees, yet one that is now valued at more than $12 billion.

Similar to eBay, is a large recruiting site with an extremely horizontal business model.  They enable transactions and communications between millions of people looking for jobs and employers trying to fill them.  This horizontal model is extremely crucial to having a successfully automated niche site!
Now just think about what does. It connects online job seekers with jobs and it connects online recruiters with candidates.  Employers and Job Seekers post their jobs to be seen by the candidates, while job seekers post their resumes online to be seen by the recruiters. It’s amazing! All Monster is doing is providing the mechanism for which these employers and candidates can communicate and conduct transactions. offers the entire spectrum of the job industry.  There are literally hundreds and perhaps thousands of specific career categories that Monster offers to its customers.  Not to mention, has backend sales through the wazoo.  They sell resume writing services, upgrades to your resume, job searching related Books, Career Coaching, and the list goes on and on.

What if you could carve out just one specific industry and have your own site like for your own specific niche industry?  Do you see where I’m heading with this?  Best of all,

What if you could have a site that runs on autopilot and provides you with a six figure passive and residual income for the rest of your life?

Well, I did just that! I created my own niche-specific site like based on a particular niche industry that I am an expert in.  That one site generates me a six figure income while I only spend 3 to 5 hours a week of my time.  Plus, I have backend sales to these candidates that give me even more profits.  Now, that’s passive income! I now have 4 of these sites and plan to add several more over time.

Robert Kiyosaki says in his book Rich Dad – Poor Dad that there are three types of income that you can earn in life –

  • Earned Income
  • Portfolio Income
  • and Passive Income.

Most types of passive income are derived from real estate while other types of passive income are derived from royalties from patents or license agreements. But I personally believe that the absolute best kind of passive income that is not known by everyone is the type of passive income that comes from automated, online websites that use the “eBay model”.

As I said, I created my own niche-specific, automated online recruiting/career site that produces a passive six figure income. And, I started with what I know best: PeopleSoft.  PeopleSoft is a special software package that enables companies to manage their finances, human capital, supply chain, materials, budgets, customer relationship management and many more facets of business. This software requires people with highly specialized skills.  And Employers and Recruiters are always looking for these types of candidates.  I saw a problem and I provided a solution. also had PeopleSoft recruiters and PeopleSoft candidates, but what I did was carve out that niche and offer a Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Finding PeopleSoft candidates and jobs faster and easier than anywhere else.

I started with this one specific niche site ( almost 5 years ago and it has become the number one site for its industry. You can do the exact same thing!  I want to show you the value of having a niche recruiting website that connects employers and recruiters with job seekers.  And you are going to be absolutely amazed at how easy it is and how you can have the exact same success that I did.  You can earn a residual income that can pay you a 6 figure income year after year.

Not only having one niche site, but having many niche sites, will allow you to earn more and more than you ever could imagine.  So hold on to your seat because you are going to find tons of useful information, steps and techniques that you can use to do exactly what I did!

 How to Choose a Niche

I won’t lie to you about this. I did not spend countless hours doing research. I did not spend any money and it did not take me very long to pick my niche site.  Sorry if I disappointed you by not giving you some complicated formula or a list of a thousand steps of how I chose my site. Actually, I’m not sorry at all because I know you want me to tell it to you straight and easy and not waste your time.

I chose my specific niche site because that is what I know and do better than anything else.

I have been a technical consultant in the PeopleSoft industry for years, and discovered that it was difficult to find answers to my problems.  Additionally, I found that it was difficult to find specific recruiters and jobs that specialized in the PeopleSoft recruiting industry.  So I thought to myself… Self, wouldn’t it be nice if there was one place you could go to find information, discussion forums, tips, articles, jobs and news for the PeopleSoft industry?  You better believe it!

It was at this point that I discovered I found a problem and I discovered a solution.  That’s how easy it was for me to discover what this niche site should be.  Now, it may not hit you exactly what niche recruiting site you should start right away, but you can easily find one by doing some quick research on specific keywords to see if there is an industry with low competition.

For example: If you are interested in starting a niche recruiting site that connects marketing professionals and marketing candidates, you can use services such as or to see if such sites already exist.  Simply go to Google and type the keyword “Marketing Jobs” and see what comes up in the search engine.  However, let me tell you that the best way to find your niche is to look within.  What is it that you do for a living?  What are your hobbies?  What are your interests? Chances are that is your niche. So why not take it online and earn some money doing what you love?

Now, just because there are already sites out there does not mean that it is not a good industry for you to start your niche site. When I first launched my site there were 5-10 other PeopleSoft-specific career sites out there. I just knew that I could do it better than any of them.  So I used the same model as that of and  My site is a lot like those sites except that it is 100% PeopleSoft and offers my customers the best experience when searching for PeopleSoft jobs or candidates.

People spend a tremendous amount of time and money just figuring out what type of specific niche site to launch.  But let me save you a tremendous amount of time and money by telling you that there is big money in niche-specific recruiting sites.  Employers and Recruiters are constantly looking for new sites where they can find more and better candidates faster.

So why waste time with unproven or untested marketing products when you can jump right into one that is already proven?

Duplicating My Success

I’ll have you know that I did not stop with this one site.  Once I saw how successful it was and how easy it was to operate, I just had to duplicate it for another industry and see if I could do it again or if I just got lucky.  Once I had my first site up and running and earning a steady stream of income, I duplicated it for another niche that is pretty similar to the first.  Now, I have four niche recruiting sites that are all growing fast and providing me with lots of passive income.  You can easily do the same!

I can easily quit consulting and just focus on my web sites, but why would I do that when I don’t have to?  Remember, these sites are automated and only require about 3 to 5 hours of my time every week. That’s what you want to focus on yourself.

Ok, enough about me.. If you would like to find out more on how you can get your own Niche,

Know your Industry

When you start a niche business, be sure that you can get relative information about the industry you are going to use.  For example, if you are going to launch a Car Mechanic recruiting site, be sure that you can identify the different types of certifications and levels of experience that an employer or recruiter might look for.  You’ll want to list those as searchable options.  Of course, you can spend a small amount of time researching this yourself, or you can find a car mechanic career site that already exists and see what they have on their site.  However, it’s always easier to launch a site in an industry that you are knowledgeable about.
Missed Chances. Sound Familiar?
Let me ask you a quick question. Have you ever woken up one day and realized that you totally missed a great opportunity the night before? Maybe it was a promotion, an opportunity to meet someone really interesting, or failed to take part in an activity that you wish you would have taken part in?  Or how about this..  did you ever one day discovered that somebody or some company came out with a new product or service or invention that you thought of in the past?  You say to yourself “Hey they took my idea!”

How about a more long-term view? Lets say you dwell on something that's happened in the past that you wish you'd done differently, or someone you wish you'd met when you had the chance, or anything relating to missed opportunities.

I’m pretty sure we've all done that, myself included, but have you ever pondered where you might be if you'd just gone for it and taken the necessary action, or gone ahead with your idea? This is something that I like to look out for in the online business world and turn it on its head, instead, looking at the present. All day, every day new opportunities present themselves, and I think it's really important that any entrepreneur can understand when, where, and how this happens, and how to take action, which we can't do without first being able to spot the potential that arises from particular situations.

Now, I'm a master networker and I am big on making contacts and creating mutual business partnerships with other marketers that benefit both parties.  However, I rarely see anyone actually make this effort consistently and on a long term basis, which is a shame, because we'd all have exactly what we wanted already if we helped each other out a little more.

One of the most important days of my life was when I was introduced to the e-book think and grow rich by Napoleon hill.  This e-book changed my life!  If you have never read this book I highly suggest that you get it now and listen to the audio or read the book.  In fact if you go to you can grab the audio version for immediate download.  I believe so strongly in the principles that are taught in this book that I myself and making available to everyone that wants to come a Secret Millionaire Marketer.

In this book Napoleon hill teaches a principle that if you just help as many people get what they want in life, you will have everything that you want and life!  And that principle is absolutely 100% true.  I am living proof of that.

Let me get back to my point making partnerships.  I read about a scientific study of sorts (that you may or may not be familiar with) that suggests every single person in the world, no matter where they are, what country they're in or what language they speak, is connected and knows you through a chain of seven people. They took this random hermit type guy that lives a very solitary life in the mountains of a far off country, and picked out a person in the London area to test this.

Through research and a little bit of juggling here and there, they managed to get from this person in London, to the other person living in the mountains in a far off country with his animals in seven jumps, a friend of a friend of a friend and so on. My first point here is a very important one. Whether this theory is dead accurate or not, opportunities are indeed out there, and you should take a little bit of time out to see this, and you'll immediately notice that they aren't as far away as you might think, no matter how desperate the situation.
Lets imagine for a moment, you're an online marketer with a modest business, earning a couple of thousand dollars a month. How long will it take you to hit the big time? Who knows; the big contacts and deals that could catapult you right up there through mutual agreement and benefit could be just one or two conversations away. Your new business partner could be waiting for you just around the corner and you could meet at any time.

If I Could Only Give You One Tip It Would Be This

This is my first point to every single business person and marketer out there. If I had five minutes to talk to every single person with an online business, looking for advice, this is what I'd tell them. Opportunities exist, all kinds of opportunities, things that might not have even been thought about. They're everywhere and if you want to be a great success, they need to be taken advantage of at every step.  What I mean is simply this: You must take action!  You must first make a decision and then take action. Because decision leads to action and action when taken immediately will lead to dramatic results
Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you'll wake up tomorrow with an e-mail in your inbox that'll answer all your problems, but seriously, solutions and new partnerships are out there ripe for the taking, which brings me on to the next point. If you don't take them someone else will. Don't wait for them to come to you, get out there and dig them up.  TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION!

You must change your mind set so that you become an offensive person.  To why mean that you go out and start off ending everybody?  No not at all!  What I’m saying is that you cannot sit around on the fence and become a defensive person waiting for something to happen and then reflecting later on, why you did not take action.  You must be on the offensive.

This is how the successful people out there make things happen. They don't do things alone, they make their contacts, and they assist each other, whether it be an intentional, or purely circumstantial meeting, a big group of people are making sure each other is successful. Let’s take just ten marketers for example. Each one has ten times more promotion power, ten times the chance of meeting new contacts to increase their chances further, ten times the income, and so on. You have to be able to see the power of this.

Look at it this way. Imagine the room you're sitting in is painted pure white from top to bottom, floors and all. Now take a thin pen, and draw a small black dot on your wall. This is you. Now take a red pen and place a small dot above yourself for each one of your friends, then a blue pen for each one of your friends, friends.

Imagine this process repeating itself again and again, until your wall is full. See all those dots? Each one is an opportunity, each one a different person from a different walk of life that you have a chance to meet, learn from and become mutual successes. Whether they just give you a new perspective on things, or whether they give you a small helpful tip, or become your long term business partner, whatever it is, it's there!  It's closer than you think and it's waiting for someone to pick up and take it to the next level, and at the same time become a huge success. If that's not you, It'll be someone else, so make sure that you take immediate action!

Yours For The Taking
To each one of these people you network with, you will have something to offer, as they no doubt have something to offer to you. Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting that you should go out and make friends with the whole population, but I really want to make it clear how these opportunities are there, and they're ready for you to take them in whatever form you wish.

This is the most important thing that I believe I can show you. If you see something you like, don't sit back and say Ah that's pretty cool, jump up and grab it with both hands. It's yours to take right now. Don't hesitate.

Proof This Works. One Of The Examples Out Of The Pile

One more small analogy and I'll tell you a little story about how this very site came to be, and most likely many other sites and businesses before and after it. Imagine you're walking down an isle in a crowded shopping mall. Who was that person you just brushed arms with? Was it the guy that's going to tell his friends about your business and what you do, leading to five new customers? Is this the woman that's going to give you a free beauty consultation in the future? Is it the guy that's going to tell his friend about your business, and hook you up with a massive marketing campaign to their list?

Stop Doing It On Your Own For Immediate Results
The potential here is totally massive. Hold up though, there's something very important that you should know about this connection making process, and that's that it's give and take. In a business sense, it's likely you'll be giving them something and they'll be giving you something valuable in return.

This type of business has been around for so long now. All we're looking at is trades that are mutually beneficial to each party. One thing I would like to say before we go any further here, is that I'm talking in a purely business sense. I don't seriously look at everyone I meet as a new money making machine, and I don't advise anyone do that either. All I'm suggesting here, with these rather black and white examples, is that the opportunity is out there if you're willing to take it and the results can be huge.

In fact I highly suggest that you limit the people that you associate with and make sure that these are the type of people that you want to be like.  If you want to become a millionaire then you need to hang around other millionaires.  Because there is a saying you we’ll become like those with whom you associate.   Therefore, be very careful who you choose to that inside your inner circle

We'll be talking a little later about how to make contacts, and actual methods of doing so, simply because I believe that it's the path to total success in whatever you're trying to do. Even if it seems like you're getting a pay cut of sorts in the short term. Stop trying to do things on your own, and you'll see the results of a team effort, in long, medium and short term in terms of both profit and in terms of the advantages and new opportunity branches that you open up.

This leads me to another principle.  If you’re consistently focused on doing nothing except making money, you will fail!  Let me say that in a different way.  If you’re in business to simply do nothing other than make money, then you really have no purpose in your success will be limited.   Your ultimate goal must be to assist others and help others to achieve and get what they want.

Ok, time for a real world example for you, and keep in mind this may well happen to you, whether it's a similar situation or under totally different circumstances.

If you take nothing away from this guide, I'd be happy in knowing how many options you've opened up for yourself and will again in the future. As long as you've picked up this number one point that opportunities are out there. It's a give and take process, and always mutually beneficial.

And remember this one principle you must give in order to receive!  This is a Biblical principle and a spiritual law.  It is much better to give than to receive and when you first and give you will open up the door so that you will be able to receive for and over and over again.  So the next time that you see or meet somebody, first ask yourself the question “how can I help that person?”  “What can I give to that person to help them?”  And in doing so you will open the door for yourself to receive!

Next time something comes up that sounds good to you, don't pass it by and wonder what would have happened if you said yes. Do it, take it up on the spot and see where it takes you. Next time something comes up that sounds good to you, remember these principles, and your wall painted with different coloured dots. Think about where different situations could take you and your business, and most of all, in a business environment, never expect something for nothing. And, be certain not to view everyone you meet as an opportunity for making wads more cash.

Always On The Lookout. Try It For Yourself Tomorrow Morning & See What Happens…

So when you wake up tomorrow, and every day from now on, and a new situation presents it, think to yourself: Where could this take me? What new situations will arise right away, in a year, or even ten years later? Kind of like viewing your whole life up to this point as one big long line, one thing led to another, to another, to another, to another and so on. One thing I do need you to understand though to complete this concept is that you are in control.

Just like you drew those dots connecting your friends, and their friends’ friends on the wall earlier, if you were to pick any one of them, do you think you could get yourself acquainted with just a few words through other friends? Yes, you could, but it's up to you to take those steps, to choose where your line goes next, and to select who you're going to meet, and ultimately whether or not you're working towards being a success.

If you want it to happen, make a decision then take action!. Like I demonstrated earlier, understanding you have so much control, everything is in your hands and it's your choice is the first step to understanding how your going to move forward. This is totally relevant to your business, no matter how strange you may think this guide is. I need you to understand that you are in total control of what you're doing and what you're going to choose to do in the future.

You are responsible for where you are in life today.  The reason you are where you are is because of the decisions and actions that you have taken.

Always create opportunities for yourself, leave your options open and you'll never be left stuck in a rut, or left with an unsolvable problem. Your aim isn't to use everyone you meet. Your aim is to do business as effectively as possible and surround yourself with other like minded successful people.

Demolished your fear!  Take action! Start Tomorrow and you will see results.


I wanted to give you the essence of what's going on in my mind every day as I carry out my business because, even though this is not a direct how to step by step guide, it's imperative that you understand this before going further.  You must keep an open mind throughout reading this whole guide. Be open to new ideas and the new information that’s coming your way. This is the only way that you'll get the best out of it and create an abundance of awesome ideas for your business.

All day, every day new opportunities present themselves to us, and many don't even notice it happening. We need to wake you up and open your eyes to this happening around you right now, because ultimately it will lead to your success.   The starting point is to understand that you shouldn't do everything on your own.  Sometimes you may feel that your goals, hopes and dreams are too far away for your liking, and it's frustrating because it's going to take too long to reach them. If we assume that the first step to being a success is about making decisions, contacts, and taking action, everything you want and could ever want is never more than seven steps away from you.

The power of the opportunity and contact making is immense. Can you meet ten successful, and likeminded people in the rest of your lifetime? If you answered yes, you can be a success.   Opportunity can come in all shapes, forms and sizes, it doesn't have to be just meeting people. Use and apply this technique, take up everything you can as often as you can, and even though you can't predict where it's going to lead, at the end of it, you'll always have more than you started out with.

When you wake up tomorrow and any situation presents itself, any situation at all, think, where could this take me if I say yes, where could it take me if I do this instead of watching TV, who could I meet if I go here instead of wasting my time. Where will this all take you? Who knows, I don't know, you don't know, but one thing I can most definitely tell you without a doubt, is that it's going to take you forwards, towards your goals. Remember, you are the master of your destiny!  Demolish your fears and never be afraid of change or new things.

Online Marketing, An Overview

I'd like to take the time out to talk about what you're getting yourself into. Not just what you're getting yourself into, but what we've all dived in to headfirst; the fascinating world of online marketing.

Let me tell you, since 1999, I've seen a lot. I've seen people that seem to know almost everything, I've seen friends have amazing successes starting from the very bottom and working their way up. I've seen people succeed in achieving their dreams and goals, and I've seen people fail and just give up, not to mention countless methods and guides for success, and new systems of all sorts.

Looking back, it's been one heck of a ride with ups, downs, major ups and major downs. When I first got going with marketing I noticed something a little scary, and that was the high rate of failure. As I progressed building my business, testing my own methods, and moving up the ladder as it were, I started to realize why so many people were failing.

People were going about their online business totally blind to the fundamental flaws that they were creating for themselves. I started to look back at the people I'd met that had dropped out early on before achieving their goals and a few things started to jump out at me. I then decided that the day that I write a book, one of the first things that I’m going to talk about, is the fundamental principles of business.

This is a really important section. In fact, I remember back in the day saying to myself 'When I make it and reach my goals, if I ever write a book, I'm going to include a report or a guide entitled 'Things I Wish I Knew Before I started'.

Everything you're about to read is background information. Things you should always have in your head while working your business; a set of principles and rules that you should NEVER deviate from.

These are specific things I've seen and learned at various stages of my business' development and would like to pass directly to you before we even get started providing you with a base for your knowledge. Real facts that you should keep in mind while doing business online, or even offline, if you decide to go that way in the future.

The Fundamental Principles of Online Business

The one crazy thing about online marketing is that anyone anywhere can start his or her own business. You don't need a huge amount of cash to put down for a property, and you don't need to buy stock, or put down a large sum of money for storage, and so on. This is great, but somewhere along the way, the basics of business have been forgotten.

I won't bore you and relay everything that I learned in college, because to be honest, barely any of it applies to the real world of business.  College gives you an education however eight never teaches you how to be successful.  What I really want to discuss in this section is you. Why you're doing what you're doing, what to expect, and most importantly how to go about this correctly on the ground floor.  Because building a strong base foundation, is extremely important for the short term, just in terms of survival, never mind total and utter success.

When developers build a skyscraper what is the first thing that they do?  They build a foundation and they make sure that foundation is rock solid and stable.  If they do not build the foundation their building will never stand.

One thing that I find with online business is, some people see the opportunity to make a whole load of cash, quit their jobs and want to live the good life. In a way, this is true, but they forget about themselves. They see the money and their eyes light up. This is why I want to talk about you, what you want and how you plan to get it before going any further.

Why Are You Here Starting A Business?
First up, why are you here? Really ask yourself that question. Why have you decided to start your own business? Why online? Maybe it was the promise of some extra cash, a little extra free time. Do you want to go all the way and quit your job in the future? Or maybe you have some other motivation?

I have a mentor and his name is John Di Lemme.  On this goal is to help you find your why.  And one of the things that he has taught me is that you must be absolutely clear about your goal and the relentless in the pursuit of your “WHY!”

This is the basis of setting all goals. Why are you here? When you've answered that question, remember it. Keep it filed, updated and well a truly embedded in your mind. Any tough times you come across, or any problems that may arise with your business in the future, remember why you're here and why you're doing this and why it is worthwhile. The answer to this question is what's going to spur you on and keep you going and moving on up the ladder.

Some people like to create whole elaborate plans around their goals, but for now we'll leave it at that. Quick and simple. It's not hard, it's not time consuming but it is an extremely important part of your success. All you ever need to do is ask yourself those three questions. Why am I here? What do I want? How do I plan to get it? Basic? You may think so, but look at it this way, without this motivation, you may find yourself waking up in five years time, sitting in the same chair, in the same place, in the same situation and wondering why you haven't moved forward. It's likely because you didn't set yourself a goal, which is done simply by answering those three questions. Don't let this happen to you.

This Is Real Business.
Next up, I want to touch on something that I still see every day, and to be honest, it does make me wonder. I want you to remember what you're doing here. You're starting or building a business. The problem I see every day is, as we already mentioned earlier, the opportunity is there for everyone, but it doesn't seem to sink in that they're actually starting their own business.

I can understand how you'd be a little miffed about someone starting a business that didn't know they were doing so, but let me explain. I'm sure you've seen those websites with links all over the place, totally disorganized, a page full of pretty colors telling you click on one and you'll earn thousands of dollars an hour, or a lovely free hosted site with ten pop ups on each page and a pretty floral border with bright pink animated background of happy little bunnies prancing around the place.

It's not just the layout of sites either, it's the customer service, the quality of the sales letters, the quality of the product, the price, the presentation, everything, every single aspect.

It really makes me think when I land on these pages. Do these guys know that they're supposed to be running a “REAL” business? Don't hate me yet; I know that sounds very opinionated, but its roots are based in fact. Would you buy from these sites even if the product sounded totally amazingly great? I sure wouldn't. There are too many things on my mind. Too many questions I have to ask myself.

A good marketer knows that as well as having a good product, the worries of any visitor to your website need to be squashed as quickly as possible. All the questions you ask yourself before buying something about the person that's selling to you and the product itself need to be answered and answered well, or you're just going to click off and move along. The major point I'm trying to make here is to understand fully what you're getting yourself into. With the anonymity of internet and the people selling products on it, you have to remember above all to be business like and professional at all times. If you create something and don't feel totally comfortable with it, chances are it's not up to scratch and it's not going to do you any favours, monetarily, with your freedom, long term, or short term.

Here's a good example. During the planning stages, this very guide  that you're reading has gone through no less than six drafts and different versions because it wasn't good enough. It wasn't professional enough, it didn't hit home the points strongly enough. The website behind this guide has gone through many small changes, including three designs, one total overhaul, four versions of the scripts running in the background, two different affiliate scripts and some custom work.

I'm not saying you have to go overboard, but my personal belief, based in fact, is that if you have put in the extra effort with something, customers will notice, and they will remember you, most importantly though, they will buy from you in the first place. Always, always keep your work professional and top quality if you want to get off the starting blocks, or it just won't happen for you.

Your Personality Gets You Noticed
Here comes the fun part. Taking the above idea of being professional at all times, you may feel that this next point is a contradiction in terms, and that is to inject your own personality. This is really important for the success of any online business, and it sure helps get to know people and meet new contacts and form business relationships.

Professionalism is all good, but on it's own, it's just not enough. If there is too much competition online. I see this more and more, everyday with the e-zines I get through my mail, the reports I'm sent by people, and the sales letters for new products or services that I read on a daily basis.

As far as I'm concerned right now, you're reading this, and having read the introduction so far, you have some insight into me and who I am, what I sound like and it gives this guide some personality. You know the source. If I didn't do this, you would just be reading another boring bundle of text that didn't have any background or meaning.

Here’s a slightly more direct example for you. Right now, and throughout the rest of the course, I'm writing to you, and talking to you as if I was talking to a friend, but in a professional sense. I didn't want to create a tedious and boring experience for you, otherwise it'd turn into another random and boring faceless block of text telling you what to do, and that's the last thing I want. I would lose out, and you'd lose out, get bored, stop reading, and take away a negative experience with my name attached to it. Not good, not good for either of us.

I'm sure you're getting the idea now, keep that in mind when you're writing your own sales letters, your own reports, publishing your e-zine, creating your info product or membership site, in fact keep it in mind whatever you're doing, along side the professionalism. Remember, being a professional and respected businessman or businesswoman doesn't mean you have to go about your work in a boring way. Inject your own personality. It will not only help people remember you and build your personal brand, as well as your business, but it will keep your customers reading and coming back to you for more.

You Must Brand Yourself
One of the biggest mistakes and online marketers make today is to create multiple websites having different themes.  For example, how many times have you gone to an Internet marketing seminar or any other type of seminar and someone hands you a business card where they have listed ten different web sites? How ridiculous is that?    So now I just met someone who has twenty web sites.

The most important thing that you can ever do in your online business is to make sure that you brand yourself.  As I mentioned earlier there is just way too much competition in this industry.  But competition is good.  Competition makes Successful Champions!  In order to beat out your competition you must brand yourself make yourself stand out above the rest.

What do I mean by branding yourself?  Take a look at my website  First of all, my brand is NicheCloner.  So when you see NicheCloner, you immediately think of Derek Tomei.   My website has my picture And my brand on it.  My brand is Niche Cloner.  If I were to give you a business card It would have my photo and my website URL  Furthermore, every product that I sell whether it be an audio CD, a DVD or some other type of web site will have my photographs and my web URL on it.  If you do not do this You will never be out your competition!

Your Personal Resource Reserve
The next important section I want to talk about is your resources. How much time do you have to devote? Do you need more? How much cash do you have to put down? Do you need more? In this short introduction section, just for examples purposes, I'm going to give you some insight as to my own personal working time table and how much cash I spend on what, so that you can see how similar products sometimes require diverse panning and bring up very different situations.

Something that's very important to me here is that in light of the last section on professionalism and branding, you don't misunderstand what I'm showing you as 'do everything a hundred times over and spend a week on every little section until it's perfect'. Every single product and service that you create, or decide to sell for someone else is going to bring it's own revelations with regards to cost and the time out of your schedule that it takes and this is something very important that should be taken into account in the planning process. Because lets face it, you don't want to find yourself three quarters of the way through a product, just to find out that you've run out of time or cash.

Here's an example of my a sample schedule for you. Bear in mind that I do not have a full time job.  I focus on growing my business and I don't do any outside work aside from growing my businesses and helping others to do the same. For this reason, I don't expect you to follow this exactly. This is here for one reason only, and that's to give you a heads up.

Week one, I'll do general work of the business, keep on top of accounts, make a few new contacts and generally talk to a lot to people and current customers. I’ll also read feedback, make small adjustments and so on, less than an hour a day if I can help it.

Week two; along comes one of the contacts I made last week who suggests an idea for a new product or website. This is where I'll spend some time and study the idea, then I’ll plan and craft this product and it's sales material, the follow-up, site graphics and preparing any scripts etc.  I don’t always do this by myself.  I have a team of people that I can outsource the work to.

Week three comes the launch, and aside from spending a few hours a day on growing my overall business and making sure everything is functioning correctly with the new site, and arranging, preparing and getting the launch promotion drive going, this is all that's going on.

Week four, with everything running smoothly again it's back to growing my business, coaching, meeting people and planning new products, and analysing and, most importantly, improving the way things are at the moment. This process of easy laid back work, onto major hard time consuming stuff, then back to the slower pace seems to be a pretty regular pattern you can rely on when creating your own sites.

When you consider not all websites that you create have a time limit, which is especially apparent when creating sites with a partner, and you can spread that work load out over the report of a week, two weeks, a month or maybe more, the answers to 'How much time does it take?' is easy; as much time as you can spare.

What I want to show is that something that could seem too big to comprehend having the time for to start with can be spread out over time. Creating your own products does take longer; however, I don't want you to think that you're restricted to affiliate promotion just because you have other real life engagements such as work. This is by far not the case, and something that you have to pick up on right now if you're going to be a success, is that you must brand yourself and create your own products.

The same is true for the financial side of things. How much cash does it take to start an online business? Well, to be honest, not a lot. You could easily get going for maybe $150. Get a website, create a product and get hosted.

I want you to know though, that you're not gated from creating something big, something profitable and a business to be proud of because of small time constraints or budgetary concerns. A little of each is good to start out with.

How Much Money Will You Make?
Next up something that we all enjoy talking about - Money. Not money you're spending however, but how much you are going to earn with your business? This is something that's no doubt of at least some importance to everyone reading right now. Let's talk cash. I'm sure you've seen all the big marketers out there earning huge wads of cash, hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and so on. I'm also sure you've heard or seen many people struggling to make just five hundred dollars per month too.

All too often I see too many marketers trying to fit into the top group when they're really in the bottom group, kind of like climbing a ladder, but totally missing out the middle rungs. Don't worry yourself too much. There is an 'in the middle'. As much as some sales letters would like you to not believe this is so.

A lot of what you see on sales letters is a lot of hype telling you how you can become extremely ranch extremely fast.  This is not always the case.  You do have to work to build your business.  However I’m here to tell you that if you want to become a millionaire you will become a millionaire.  If you want to make 200,000 or $300,000.00 online you will make 200 or $300,000.00.  There is absolutely no limit to what you can do.  However you must first believe, as you can only a cheap what you believe.

Do you believe you can make $1 million from your online business ventures?  That you will. Because every single person is a Successful Millionaire Marketer from the day you were born you were born to be a success.  And we are happy and to the correct mindset so that you convince yourself And believe that you will achieve it.

You’ve Got All The Time In The World
I know many people that earn between thirty and eighty thousand dollars a year. They're not super rich, but again they have a great base to work from. My point here is don't set yourself a target of earning a million dollars a year with your first product launch. This isn't to say it can't happen, but you have to stop setting yourself time limits, because all it does is add to your frustration and anxiety of only having so many days or weeks left to reach your goals. Just work towards it, and you will get there. Throw all your time limits out the window right this moment.

I’m not saying that you should not set goals.   Setting goals is extremely powerful and if you discipline yourself to achieve your goals you definitely will.  I like to set goals over a five year period of time, when it comes to money.   What do I mean?  I will set a goal that says within five years I will earn over $3 million, etc..

Also, as I mentioned earlier, don't try to be the richest or wealthiest person out there. Remember the first point we talked about? Why are you doing this? This is your primary goal, and don't be downhearted if you're not as rich as you hoped within the first few months. You will earn as much as you want to earn if you take the professionalism point into account at every turn. Whether it's a thousand a month, a thousand a week, or a thousand a day, I want to reassure you now that it is achievable and you're not wasting your time reading this, but if you're going to make it, you need to stop setting yourself ridiculous deadlines right now.

Why We Are All Special
The fourth fundamental principle I want to talk to you about is generally only related to online business, and not so much for off-line business. That is about our skills. You may not think it if you've been on the scene a while, but you are special! Yes, you are. All of us are special in that we are so skilled and probably don't even notice it. Take a look at what creating the average product takes us through.

We Plan the product, we create a product, we design and build a website and we get it hosted, we set up affiliate programs, payment processors. We write our own sales material, we advertise our own products, we maintain our own lists, follow-up, backend sales, business administration, customer service. You name it. We do it.

Granted you can have web designers build your graphics for you, copywriters write your sales material and so on, but if you're just starting out and don't have that kind of cash to spend, it all falls to you.

This isn't a problem, but the one thing I want to get across to you before moving on to the next sections is to keep things structured. Information overload is bad, and if you try to be the best at everything, you'll end up tired, run down, confused and probably still no better off. Go easy on yourself. Stay focused on what you do best!
Here's a nice example for you. My specialty definitely isn't designing graphics for websites, (far from it, believe me). It didn't cost a huge amount to make this product; the whole site in fact, cost fewer than three hundred dollars.

The above example included the whole of the members area, the log in system, the graphics, and outside the members’ area, so that's not a bad deal. This is true for every skill we have and obtain. If you have the skill, go for it, if you have the cash and you're not so good (like my design skills) hire someone.

My second point here is it's very rare that you'll want to have something done and there isn't someone out there to do it for you if you can't do it yourself. Don't give up on ideas because they seem too out of your league.

I would like to make one final point before we finish. It is all worth it. Whether it's more money you're after, or more time to spend with your family, there is a business size, type or way of doing things that suits you. The above section may have seemed a little messy and a little jumpy as far as subjects are concerned, however, if someone took my business away today, and told me to start again, they would be the number one things I'd be happy to know this time around, that weren't so apparent last time.

If the reasoning behind this guide  isn't immediately clear, let me explain. If you really did look at yourself, everything you want to achieve, everything you're doing, have done and will do, I now know for sure you are 100% totally and completely comfortable with your position. You know where you're going. You know in a very general format how you're going to get there, and you also know what you're capable of.

If some things are still unclear, feel free to go over the guide again and again, but this time really ask yourself the questions and have answers before moving onto the next one.

This is not space filler. Read it over again and again if you have to, or maybe at a later date. I believe everything in this book is a great base of knowledge for your business. Want proof? Try it, and watch what happens.

Congratulations, because if you can now answer the three questions: What am I doing here? Why am I doing it? What do I hope to achieve? Then you’re in the prime mindset to continue, we're both on the same page for maximum efficiency and more importantly, probably without even noticing it, just by doing this, in the past thirty minutes of reading this guide, you've started to move forward already.

Now, get fired up and keep it going!

The Top 10 Reasons For Success

Now, I’d like to look at some of the main reasons why some are successful and some are not. There are a lot of reasons why this may occur. I want to talk through with you some of the most common, and some of the problems I had to overcome myself on my way here and that many others that I've spoken to also had to overcome. Rather than being negative, and tell you why you're not being as successful as you'd like, let’s look at this in a different light. I'm going to show you as many reasons as I can think of why marketers are struggling so that you can actively spot and solve them immediately.

Many online marketers are struggling. It’s a fact. Through a plethora of situations, through no fault of their own. After all, this isn't something you can go to school or to college for and be taught.  When we start out we're all feeling our way in the dark, and mistakes will be made, this is a guarantee.

Whilst reading through I'd like you to really focus on what's being said and be on the look out for examples that sound like you, or something you might do. It's nothing to be embarrassed about, nothing to get aggravated or annoyed about, it's solely something for you to think ‘wow, that sounds like me, I better quit that.’ That's the exact effect we're looking for here, nothing more.

So without further delay, let’s start looking at some of the reasons some marketers are more successful than others and some of the solutions if you're having a particular problem.

Are Your Listening To The Right People?
The first one I'd like to talk to you about is your choice of guide purchasing. Granted this doesn't apply now because you've taken the plunge, but did you ever feel like someone wasn't quite telling the whole story with previous guides or e-books you've purchased or even been given?

It's all too easy to find information about online marketing, but whether that information is good, tried, tested and complete is another matter altogether. Often, when people start out, they tell me that they've been reading this free e-book they were given, and what I'm telling them contradicts what's been written, or they read about something before but were never sure how to actually go about doing things. Generally, the more you spend the better quality you get.

It's unfortunate that many marketers on the outside of reports such as these don't understand that they're not being told the whole story, and in some cases they’re even being told incorrect information that will jeopardize their future online.

Don't get me wrong I'm not knocking smaller products.  However, you must understand that if you want a guide that shows you all the tips and trade secrets it sure isn't going to be free. If you have any friends in the business, or anyone you know to be making this mistake, point it out to them. Unfortunately, trying to point someone to a high priced product is not always easy to do, because it just sounds like sales talk.

As I mentioned earlier you must be very careful who you associate with.  More importantly you must be extremely careful when you are trying to learn from someone.  I believe strongly in having a mentor.  However you must make sure that your mentor has been there and done that.  In other words if I am studying under a mentor that is going to show me how to make $1 million, that person better have made a million dollars of several times over.   Otherwise I’m just wasting my time and could pass and Ari be heading in the wrong direction.

I Bet You Know More Than You Think
Big reason number two, is you already knew how to do everything but didn't get the work done for some reason. There are plenty of reasons for this, but let me say I experienced this one too, until one day I bought someone else’s product which kind of put me straight, and got me thinking. Hey this guy is big and makes a load of cash, but already knows everything he is teaching. This spurred me on quite nicely and turned out to be the boost I needed to get to this stage, selling multiple $1000+ products daily for several months of the year. It was a great motivator and sometimes that's just what people need to spring into action again, not necessarily the knowledge itself. This is something I kept in mind with this report.

Wasting Time without Even Knowing It
Moving on, you know, it's amazing how much time we waste doing nothing useful even when it seems we are. Someone pointed this out to me four or five years ago and said hey, I have something for you to test. Next time you're doing a big job such as writing a report, or building a site, record how much work you do, how much you get done over how much time, then report back to me in the morning. I guarantee you I can triple the amount you got done without sacrificing quality the next day. Intrigued I did as she said. Came back the next day and she demonstrated to me how much time I was wasting doing irrelevant things. Either catching news reports on TV, going to grab some food, speak to some friends for a few minutes, flick through the tracks on my MP3 player between each song trying to find the good ones and so on.

Here's another more recent example of this. I've been working on this report now and some software at the same time for many months. I just sat down for seven hours straight (something I can rarely do with the number of projects I’m working on currently) and wrote, and wrote, and came out with 50+ pages, which means if I'd really sat down and concentrated on the one project I'd have had 1200+ pages done in a mere 20 days. So here’s the thing. When you work try to either, keep a timetable, a set of goals, or at the very least a record of how much you're achieving and cut out all distractions.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not calling you lazy. I know you want to move forward or else you wouldn't be reading this right now. Take some time out to work on your business. Sit down, remove all distractions and just work, straight, for 12 hours. Taking a look around on my desk now I have my headphones on, with set play list going, I have my keyboard, a watch, and a glass of iced water. That's it, nothing more. The best thing about this is there are no distractions, and I get work done. I'd suggest at the very least you might want to draw up a timetable for your work days, and set yourself goals to avoid this. It's amazing how time flies and the work amount and quality are affected through distractions. Try it, you might just find the pace of things pick up.

Avoiding Dirty Bits - Does This Sound Like You?
Next up comes ‘the avoid’ the dirty bits way of thinking. Have you ever been sitting there, maybe working away or reading your guides on how to achieve something, and said to yourself 'Hmm you know, I don't fancy doing that', or 'This is not what I envisioned doing when I started out in online marketing'? Well you wouldn't be the only one and this could well be the missing piece of the puzzle for you. In general when you start to delve deep into this business it's very different from what you see on the outside. Not only can that but things change.

Unfortunately we as online marketers have to take the good with the bad and carry on regardless. This sometimes results in coming up against something that will require you to overcome a barrier or pull of something new. Usually when I talk to people about their online marketing the number one thing that comes up here is joint ventures. Especially the first time around because you're no longer dealing with masses of lists, but on a personal level and, it can indeed be a little hard to get going if you've never done it before. As I mentioned earlier they don't teach you this stuff in college or universities.

So here’s the thing. You need to look at everything you're doing relating to your business and ask yourself whether it's helping or hindering you. When you find an answer, be it in this report, or elsewhere, if you don't like the idea of having to do it yourself, either hire someone to do it if you can, or if not, it's time to burn some bridges. Whatever you do don't block it out and put it to the back of your mind figuring that that one small thing that you've left out won't make that much difference. In my experience everything you do is chained to something else. Leaving one out can leave you with a huge gap in your online marketing.

Don’t Listen To The Big Guys.. Are You Crazy?
Moving on to the next and probably the most worrying part of this report, and that’s that you may have found yourself a ‘don't listen to the big guys’ person, or a report written by such a person. This confuses me to this day. The usual argument is they're only in it for themselves, so don't listen to them; listen to me instead because I'm a nice person. Now I don't know how many people go for this to be honest but guru bashing as I like to call it seems to have become a popular business proposition for some people.

Don't buy it. That's like telling you not to listen to the people that are making the money, but to listen to the person that doesn't listen to the people making the money.  Strange. My retort to the guru bashing is, no, they're not just in it for themselves. If I were to put this report out and leave in a shoddy condition, and make a few hundred sales just because I can write a sales letter, I'd love to see how many people come back and buy from me later or promote my products. No one would want to be associated with me, I wouldn't get any joint ventures, I wouldn't sell any products and so on. Not only me, it's kind of an unwritten rule out there.

You make it good, or you don't make it at all.

Broken Vase Syndrome

Next, something that personally stopped me from moving on for a year or so. I had this old site going that was doing pretty well, considering I hadn't learned much at that period. It wasn't a small site by any means. I was forever updating, changing, prettying up, cleaning, tidying, maintaining and so on. Meanwhile, someone I'd met about the same time I started out in online marketing pulled three sites out of the bag. I was wondering how he did it. We knew each other anyway so he'd given me access to his sites and I was amazed. They weren't lacking in content, they were good solid, full blown websites.

I remember talking to him one day and he said to me 'Hey, you've been working on that site for a long time haven't you, it must be pretty huge by now'. Yeah it was, I thought to myself at the time, but I totally missed the point. There comes a time after you release a product when you should have everything set up and running nicely so that you're free to move on to a new product. Never constrain yourself to one and work on it constantly over huge periods of time. If you find yourself doing this you're doing something wrong.

Understand that there's nothing wrong with keeping up customer support for your products, but set it up, finish up and get promoting. Smooth everything over as quickly as possible and to the best of your abilities. This is especially true for info based products but even with software you need to automate and move on, not totally leaving it behind, but leaving it to run itself for the most part. Keep an open mind, work on new products and new projects, and don't get stuck doing one thing for years whilst your competition has released ten products and is raking it in from them, while you're still with your original site re-arranging its layout or scheme.

The moment I discovered this it kind of set me free, and here I am now working on a monstrous amount of projects with more contacts, a bigger list and more knowledge in my head than I ever imagined would fit. Unfortunately some of the people I knew back in those days weren't all that lucky and, are still in pre-launch for a product they created four years ago, earning no more than they did in the first week or so. To each their own. I highly suggest you keep an open mind though and know when it's time to move on to bigger, better and newer things.

I’m Worried I Can’t or Won’t Succeed
Next up comes something that's not unrelated to what we spoke about earlier, when looking at avoiding the dirty bits, and that's worrying about not succeeding. Now you may not be the type of person to worry about what other people are thinking or how they'll react to your products and the things you do, which is great, because you'll burn bridges a lot faster than us out there that hate it when someone doesn't like our work. This is why you'll always get the best from anything I do personally, but for those of you who are reading and who get a little uptight when approaching something new this is for you.

The fact is, if you're in online marketing or any business that I've encountered so far, you'll need to burn bridges and try something new every now and again, and carry out tasks that you don't feel comfortable with or are going to really despise doing. Let me tell you, as the kind of guy that likes to please everyone all the time, I understand that it's not easy when you come up against things like this. I've been sworn at, shouted at, refused, denied, flat out told things I've done were crap, useless, don't work and so on. I don't doubt I'll get the same again in the future from people who can't be bothered to get out there and try these methods, and you know what? If you haven't experienced all this already, let me tell you now that you will.

What a way to make you feel better huh? Well now you know, and you're prepared for it, you have to accept it and you’ll move on. You'll need to find your own way of getting by and not being discouraged when something goes incredibly pear shaped. Whatever you do though, always push yourself to break new boundaries and, don't let anything discourage you because what you don't see when people tell you they make 20k+ a month is that they're getting this too.

Each and every one of them. Whether it's from their list, the odd strange customer, or just someone having a bad day. You will encounter it, so prepare to get over it now and you'll be fine. Those of you more laid back who don't get dented by that stuff, great. Keep moving forward.

Knowledge Really Is Power??
Next up, we have the all important knowledge. Knowledge is power, after all, and without it we'd all be doomed and useless at pretty much everything.  But before we continue I have to tell you that this old saying is really only a half truth.  Knowledge by itself is not power.  However, knowledge with action is power!  Ok, now that I got that out of my system….

You don't have to worry about not having the knowledge anymore because everything is covered in this guide for this particular method, but I do want you to make sure you're using it. The whole cycle of buying ebook after ebook, and guide after guide, is getting a little over the top for some people that I've spoken to in the past. Ten, twenty, thirty or more e-books read. They claim they've read everything but still haven't reached their dream of making wads of cash every month.  I can tell you exactly why…  Like I’ve already discussed knowledge without action is useless.   You can have all the knowledge in the world but it won't do anything unless you take what you've learned and put it to good use. Don't turn into one of those report hoppers, because it won't get you very far, and in the end you're going to end up frustrated, bored and broke.

The Freebie Magnet

Next we have the freebie magnet. Seeing as anyone reading this will have purchased it, I highly doubt this applies, but I want to be sure and catch anyone right here and weed these problems out before they start. This comes in many forms but I want to talk about this in general rather than anything specific as in the other sections. We all like something for nothing but there are those people out there who go over the top searching for free deals. Free hosting, free promotion, free web design, free sales copy writing and so on. It just doesn't work!  You will not get anything set up if you're looking for everything that's free. Granted, shop around for a good deal if you can, but when it comes to the fundamental principles of your business, your scripts, your hosting especially, don't go with the free option because quality will suffer, and your customers will be able to see that too, which is something you definitely want to avoid.

I highly doubt many of you are here buying such a product so I won't dwell. I thought it best to cover it just in case and for future reference. So swiftly moving along and we hit a wall that is suffered by many marketers out there.

Never On Your Own

This brings me to my next point and that's don't try to do everything on your own. A big mistake many marketers make is that they decide that they want all the profits for themselves and try to do everything alone. This is all well and good if you want to be making a couple of thousand a month maybe but if you want to surpass that you need to expand a little. That's not to say that you need to go around partnering on every single site that you create but it does mean that you need to think a little more about working in a team wherever possible.

Partnerships are one example and you'll be splitting the profits 50/50. However lets say for example you both have the same amount of resources to get your promotion out through different contacts and each others lists, affiliates, Jv’s and customers, mix in a little bit of your expertise and you'll end up making the same amount of cash anyway if things are dead even. What you will get though are double the visitors, double the people in your follow-up, and double your affiliates adding fifty percent to your total income from the product to start with. On top of that you'll be pulling in double the resources to promote to in the future.

So you see it's important to start working as a team. Don't worry if you haven't got anyone to work in a team with yet. After your first few products you'll start to see some contacts land in your lap that you can join up with later. There is another example of this and that's when people don't want to grant affiliate commissions because they don't want to be losing any cash. I can totally understand it if you have a huge amount of resources already, but when you don't have that type of promotion power under your belt, affiliates are the way to go.

Affiliates, however, are here to stay, and they'll be the difference between your 1k a month and your 20k a month and upwards. Remember, affiliates are making sales that it's likely you wouldn't have made anyway, so there's nothing wrong with granting them more out of the profits than you're earning per sale. If you have a problem doing this you're going to struggle so, if this really isn't something you want to do, take some time out and check how much you'd be earning if you gave 60% to say ten affiliates making a particular number of sales on your product on top of your personal sales. You should start to see how much more profitable this is than trying to go it alone, which is both time consuming and expensive, cutting into your profits big time unless you use these resources for the leverage you need to make your one person promotion team into a ten, a hundred or even thousand plus person promotion team. It's at this stage this point really starts to become clear.
Those are the top reasons that I believe get in the way of marketer’s goals and stop them from succeeding. Do you see any of these in yourself? If you do, remove them, or fix them. It doesn't matter how you do it, just make sure you do, because they will hold you back and in all of the examples above will stop you from ever succeeding unless you can overcome them.

It's a fact that we as online marketers, as I've mentioned before, have to be multi skilled. When you get into the scene it's very, very rare and unlikely that you'll have everything you need to succeed, and there will be many problems, walls and obstacles that you have to personally overcome before you can make a success of this. You see, us marketers are all a little box of versatility, (you included). This is the most powerful of any tool at our disposal and will make us all successes. Unfortunately as much good as it does for those of us who understand this, it's detrimental to those who don't, and they will go on buying and buying guide after guide, getting frustrated and failing until they either quit, or learn this.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. It is indeed the most negative of them all, and I prefer to concentrate on success rather than why people fail. Alas it had to be done and was too important to leave out and not tell you about. We'll end here now, but before we do, I just want to make a note. If none of the above apply to you right now that’s great. Take the knowledge contained within this report, put it to good use, and I look forward to seeing many successful products come from you. Be careful though, just because you don't have these problems right now, you may develop any of them later. Don't forget what you've just been reading and you'll do just fine.

Dig deep and answer truthfully, because you may already have the key that you need to be a success. You just may not know it because it's been placed at the back of your mind as something you don't particularly want to do, or edited out of your personal knowledge base because it's something you're not prepared to do. If you find an answer to that question, bring it to the front of your mind, write it down if you have a journal, and remember it. In addition if you find something that you haven't been doing or avoiding, either consciously or unconsciously, after finding the answer and writing it down, keep it in mind. Your situation will not change unless you change it.

On a personal note to you, take it from me, even if there are aspects you don't enjoy as much as others, if you face them head on and attack them full force you'll find, as your business develops, it gets easier and easier and it isn't so painful to fix this anymore.

Here's a real life example. When I started out I met two different people. One already had their own site and one joined as a member of that site and was yet to create their own products. The one with the site is today, six or seven years later, working on that same site, still has a full time job and even though the site is massive and packed full of everything you could think of in their field of expertise, hasn't made much progress. The guy that joined this site as a member created sites, created content, products, learned, moved on, learned moved on, constantly pushed his boundaries. He told me yesterday that he has now quit his job and is earning on average $800 per day and moving towards doubling that within the year. This one aspect could be the difference between you failing, and your total success.

A Few Last Words

Greetings, and welcome to a few last words. This chapter contains what the title suggests, a few last words, a few additional tips and tricks and several ways that you can keep yourself and your business moving in that all important direction. Forward!
We’ve covered so much In the previous pages. I’d like to congratulate you if you’ve got this far. Many will have given up, decided it’s not for them, or just gone off and bought report after report and never actually act on them, which is a shame, but there’s not much we can do about that without mind control techniques. Let’s forget the others for now though and concentrate on you. Surprisingly or not, the first thing I want to talk to you about is moving forward.

Monitoring Your Success
At all times I want you to be looking at yourself and your business. Are you moving forward? What have you achieved in the passed 48 hours working on your business? If you’re looking at the same page on your screen, with the same content then it’s time to start asking questions and looking for the problem.

A Successful Marketer Takes Advantage Of Every Single Day Making Decisions And Taking Action!
I’m not saying you have to be super efficient all the time, we all have good days and bad days, where we’ll inevitably get more or less done that we know we should, but there’s this little problem of moving onwards and upwards that many people can’t seem to grasp. If you’re reading this, you’ve already proved that you have grasped this concept, now as straight forward as it sounds; it’s amazing to see how people do one of three things.
3 Factors That Hinder Success
The first is they either jump from guide to guide taking in the knowledge but not ever taking action, and never moving forward. This was me several years ago, until I realized I actually had all this knowledge and knew in depth and often more about a subject than the actual author. It was time to start asking questions.  Turns out I had all the knowledge already, but just didn’t know it. Are you in the same position? Is it time to stop reading and start acting on the knowledge that you’ve gained?

Second is the broken the vase syndrome related to being offensive or defensive; pro-active or re-active. Imagine you wake up in the morning and decide you’re going to clean the house up that day. You jump out of bed, jump in the shower have breakfast, and wash the dishes afterwards, the clean the surfaces. You’ve improved the kitchen already by cleaning the surfaces and doing the dishes right? Not so, you’ve just been reactive, and carried out required maintenance and things are now back to how they were when you first woke up. No progress, just reactive maintenance.
So you head out to the hall ready to do some dusting, and on the way out you break a vase, so you grab the vacuum, and you vacuum up all the pieces and take the broken pieces outside, and make everything nice and clean again. After putting your stuff away, you realize you cut your leg on a sharp plant outside. No matter, you head to the bathroom, clean it up and place a bandage on it, then head back downstairs. What have you achieved so far? Nothing at all! This is reactive maintenance also, because there’s no progress, you’re literally just maintaining. It’s important to distinguish between proactive and reactive, because quite often you can come home after a hard days work and you might be so tired and feel like you got a lot done and moved forward, when actually all you did was pull out a bit of maintenance.
It’s the same with business. If you sit down at your computer and do your maintenance, answer some mails, change the color of your site, talk to a few people about what’s been going on, have a look at a few products, there’s nothing here to move you forward. Create those products, develop those products, enhance those ideas, write those sales letters, contact those JV’s, gain knowledge and understanding and get real tired doing it and I guarantee you’ll be moving forward at such a fast pace no one will know how you’re doing it. Whilst they’re tired and say things like “Wow I’m real tired and I still haven’t got much done” now you know why, and how to avoid it. Of report maintenance is a big part of every day life and needs to be done, but learn to differentiate between the two, learn to spot them and recognize them and you’ll immediately see a difference in your speed and efficiency. Give it a go, and you won’t be disappointed.

This brings me on to the final type of person that doesn’t succeed. The maintain-er. The prettying up the website twelve times a year, the adding bundles and bundles of stuff to a membership site and their current market instead of creating new products and breaking into new markets and creating multiple specialized income streams. Think about that next time you go to redesign something. Are you redesigning because your tracking tells you that your redesign will make more sales, pull more leads or more resources? Or are you doing it because it doesn’t quite look as nice as you’d like. Don’t get stuck in the circle of ever improving without moving on, because you might just find yourself in the same place in a year’s time, just with a slightly prettier website. Not proactive, productive or profitable at all. I know many people who have fallen into this trap, and in fact some people still in that trap and aren’t looking like they’ll be getting out of it very soon. Avoid it at all costs and you’ll do fine, move forward, move forward quickly, and gain valuable knowledge and first hand experience along the way, something no one can put a price on because it’s just that valuable.

These aspects are more important than most will ever discover for themselves, and if you remember back to the top ten reasons for success, the above was put in there too, simply because I can’t help but push this and push this because it really is the difference between getting somewhere and not getting anywhere at all. There’s no in between. This should be your top priority, more important than that product creation, more important than making any sales, more important than resource building or any marketing method anyone can ever teach you.

Next up, lets look at your frame of mind. I honestly believe through personal experience that being in the right frame of mind to get your business moving onwards and upwards quickly is again, more important than any marketing tactic that you can learn.

The best way without a doubt is to continually devote at least 15 minutes every day to personal development.  Turn off the stupid television full of all of the negative garbage that tells you that you cant be successful!  Also, end each day with 15 minutes of quiet thought. It’s like keeping a journal, and helps you not only prepare for the day ahead, but sort out any problems you may have stumbled upon without the need to get stressed about it. In addition, it’ll give you a clear picture of exactly where to go next. Practice this often and within a few days, you’ll start to see some positive and quite strange results.

Always look forward, and take that time out to look inwards from that window (That’s you looking at yourself from outside a window to gain a better perspective on what’s going on in your business) It’s real important for your development and the development of your business. If you haven’t experienced this yet, it’s all about evaluating your situation and your business with an open mind. Like dreaming, sleeping, it assists the organization of your thoughts. You’ll begin to see problems and present solutions to them before they even happen. Hindsight is a very powerful thing, and taking this important time out on a daily basis allows you to prepare for future situations that may arise, which is partially hindsight, but more crystal clear, focused and pure thinking at it’s best. I haven’t met anyone that’s not capable of this yet, so if you’re unsure, give it a shot and watch what begins to happen six or seven sessions, and I assure you, you won’t be disappointed.
As important as the above is the way in which you end your day when you’re working. Remember to disconnect, and I don’t mean just from the Internet, I mean totally. This method of pulling off the relaxing and reflection, looking from the outside in then after you’re done, whether its ten minutes, or thirty minutes later, you turn your computer off for the night. You leave your place of work, turn it off, and forget about everything. Keeping your distance from your work isn’t something that’s easy to do, especially if you have your computer in your bedroom. Even working at home and walking past it ten times a day is enough to spark thoughts, which will take your mind off your daily life and some of your important daily tasks, and sometimes even disrupt sleep. This is definitely something we want to avoid.
Let me ask you this, have you ever been called by your husband or wife, or family member for something? Anything at all, either, dinner is ready! Or ok, I’m ready to go out now, are we going? Or even more likely, I’m off to bed now, are you coming too? And your reply comes something like this. ‘Hold on! I’ll be there in a moment, I just need to do this first’.
Another example of this type of mindset going full steam ahead is coupled with the above examples, you have to keep getting out of bed at night, or keep walking out the door ready to go, starting the car and going back to the computer because you forgot to do something, or you have to do something before you go. Classic one that.
This is why it’s important to do both of these exercises. Observe yourself and your business, relax, look from the outside in, and then when you’re done, cut it off. Disconnect, turn your computer off safe in knowledge you haven’t forgotten anything, you don’t need to worry about anything and you don’t need to wake up in the middle of the night and spend hours doing something that you planned to only take a few minutes. Trust me on this one, I’m not giving you instructions on how to run your life, far from it, but be careful not to get too involved all of the time or that freedom and easy life progress you’ve made so far might just evaporate. There’s speed, efficiency and determination, but then there’s another level of speed efficiency and determination. Just because you’re not working on your business longer than your body or mind can comfortably handle, doesn’t mean that you’re slacking.
Next up comes a little something I’ve been a fan of since without noticing it, I managed to develop random back pains, wrist pains and aching, and short sightedness in my left eye and gain some four stone in weight (which is all gone now finally).

Stay healthy. Above all, above everything taught in this guide stay healthy. Get a good chair, look after your back. Get some of those wrist supports one size bigger than you need, type correctly, look after your wrists, and look after your eyes and belly. Take regular breaks and pull regular exercise, even if it means you go out and buy some weights and run a little everyday.
Again, I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life by any means, but it’s important to me that if you’re going to be a success in the future, you come to me and say ‘Your report spurred me into action and I’m now pulling in every month what I earned in my last job every year’ and not ‘Your report spurred me into action and I’m now pulling in every month what I earned in my last job every year, but I gained a hundred pounds, developed carpal tunnel syndrome, my back hurts and I can’t see much anymore’. No way, not on my watch. Health is always number one. It’s no good being successful if you’re too sick to enjoy it.   Secret Millionaire Marketers are successful in everything they do!
Prepare Yourself

We already talked about how things don’t always go to plan, when launching new sites, when creating ad campaigns, contacting people, creating joint ventures, whatever it might be, it’s possible it may go pear shaped. Thankfully, this is rare. But, prepare yourself, because if it does happen you’ll need patience, you’ll need determination and a clear and sharp mind to sort out problems quickly.
If you find yourself awake at 5am wondering why you didn’t go to bed when you decided (five hours ago), don’t fret you’re not alone. In fact, as I write this report it’s 6.20am, almost 24 hours after I started writing, and I’m still here because the previous texts didn’t quite live up to the standard I’d planned. I don’t do this intentionally, and don’t make a habit of it, because it be very damaging to a lot of things including your health, but when things don’t work out as planned, prepare to have to put more in than you originally planned to.
In addition if you find yourself awake at ridiculous times and you find you’re making a lot of mistakes and it’s just been a heck of a long day, disconnect, turn off and walk away and continue tomorrow. There’s only a need to do this on the odd occasion that something goes wrong with a site launch. Everything else can wait.

Everlasting Ideas for Your Business

Keep your imagination and mind working at all times. Once you launch your first product if you haven't already you will immediately begin to see that ideas begin to come automatically. Unless you mix with your market, it's very hard to come up with ideas to solve problems when you don't know what the problem is in the first place.

Mix with your market. This is something that we all need to be doing on at least a weekly basis, watching other people, watching their products and their marketing methods, watching as their mailings come to you, and looking at their techniques, their copy, their products and so on. This isn’t for any reasons related to copying, we already talked about emulation and how to carry this out correctly, taking someone else’s methods and plugging them into your products without copying any aspect from them at all. The reason for this is solely to keep your mind awake and to keep it producing idea after idea after idea.
Here’s an example of how this works. In the last week, whilst actively taking an interest in other marketers and what they’re doing, listening in to their lists as a research tool as we already discussed earlier, I’ve come up with no less than fifteen viable ideas for products and double that number for methods of presentation. Some wild and some wacky, but they are ideas all the same.
This is why it’s easier to pull ideas once you’ve launched your own product and began to watch other marketers and ask why they’re doing what they’re doing. You’re mixing with new marketing methods, creating a basis for your tracking and new ideas, and you’re experiencing the market first hand, allowing you to come up against, discover and ultimately solve problems with your products through this research, your experience, the scripts and services you use to promote your products, and the guides you read. They’re all important to you in this way because they will form the basis of your ideas. If you’re not mixing with your market you won’t know any of the problems, and won’t be able to solve them, and thus won’t have any product ideas.
As an additional note to this, those fifteen ideas I came up with is a weekly occurrence because I’ve been doing this since 1999. Don’t worry if you don’t reach that figure, don’t strain to reach it. Just one of your ideas may turn out to be more profitable than all my years put together. By the time you’ve launched two or three products, using the methods in this guide you’ll likely find that you don’t have enough time in the world to bring all your ideas to life; you’ll be having too many of them. So there we have it. Mix with your market. It will keep your creative juices flowing, form the basis of new knowledge and experiences and go down as one of the most important aspects of your online marketing and idea creation processes.

Gradual Progress

Ok moving on again, I should let you know that things are gradual. No overnight millionaire mindset here. I’m not saying for a moment that it’s slow; you can find yourself with a list of ten thousand plus from a single product, even when starting out, a good bunch of contacts and a load of affiliates.

Whilst moving forward it may help you to keep this in mind. ‘Keep your business a real business’. Keep creating real products and selling sheer quality to real people and you will move forward. Don’t get wrapped up the craze and the dreams of millions in days. Have dreams sure, but I don’t want anyone to wake up one morning and find themselves misguided by some cowboy, or the focus taken away from their business by some sort of earnings scheme that offers them something for nothing, or a lot too quickly. You know the claims, the ones where it’s almost too good to be true. No doubt you’ve heard this before, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t lose that real business frame of mind, and remember what we’re about in this game. This will allow you to protect yourself, your pocket, achieve focus and keep moving towards your goals and that of your business without distractions and the minimum of mistakes along the way. If you can make sure that you’re moving forward and can see progress every time you leave your workstation, you’re well on the way and have won half the battle.
Keep Building Those Resources - The Key To Quick Success

Next up, keep building those resources, every chance you get. Every JV you pull, every ad you send, every person you contact, every person that contacts you, subscribes to your list, or whatever. Start to think in terms of resources instead of sales because these are the key to your success, the resources not the sales. Of report the resources are there to make you sales, but without them there’s little profit in online marketing no matter how good you might be at promotion.
This brings me back to the previous point about gradual growth. It’s important that you do not underestimate what you have at your disposal. Just a small number of the quality resources that we already talked about can be extremely profitable. A single JV can span multiple products and several years for example. Just a single JV. A single affiliate can pull in thousands of resources, just five thousand quality subscribers can be responsible for thousands per month, and that’s even before we look at joint ventures and affiliates. So you see, just because you have to build resources, and I keep telling you that it won’t be instant, I wouldn’t be surprised if most people are thinking a year or two to get to where they want to be. Of course, it is gradual, business in general as well as with your resource building, but depending on the deals you pull and how quickly and effectively you can make the progress using your knowledge, it’s not the several years job you might be feeling a little anxious about.
An additional note to that, always keep your resources building each other. Taking each resource, separating them into categories, and using each one to build another often allows you to pull many times the profit from a single set of resources that you may have previously kept separate and only profited once from them.
Also remember what this does in terms of you vs. every other online marketer out there. While they’re out there paying for ads over and over and saying things like ‘This online marketing game is a scam I can never make any profit’ or something to that effect for many years. This is simply because they keep spending their money on stuff again and again and not pulling anything from it but a few sales. Using the methods you’ve learned here, build, and multiply, and let things snowball, and before you know it, you won’t actually be cornered into spending money on your promotion like all the rest that don’t understand this resource building and multiplication technique.

Mistakes Are Good

Next up is my fave. Make lots of mistakes. We like mistakes, because they teach us something every time we make them. If you’re not making any mistakes, it’s time to look at the way in which you’re working. Are you sticking to the stuff that you know best, and avoiding breaking new ground because you’re worried about making mistakes?
This guide is here to minimize the mistakes made when using these methods, but that doesn’t mean you won’t make any at all. All of this information is in our heads, yet we still make mistakes. Every time we make one and find the solution, that’s another tool, another ally we can add to our arsenal that we didn’t have before.  Make mistakes, screw up every now and then and learn something new, but be groundbreaking, be pioneering, be imaginative and be confident.
In addition to the previous point, have you made a mistake? Excellent, learn from it but don’t let it hold you back from trying something new or going down that road again once you’ve gained more knowledge and experience.

I Can’t Because..

Finally, but equally as important as all that we’ve discussed so far, have you ever spoken to someone who really wants to do something, whether it’s set up a business, or travel somewhere, or do something that they don’t necessarily do every day and when you’ve asked them why they don’t do it, they say ‘I would, but..’ Often that but is followed by something like ‘I don’t know how’ or ‘I’ll probably mess it up’ or ‘I don’t know if it will work’, or ‘I don’t have any time’. These a prime examples of condemning a project or an attempt at a project to failure before it’s even been tried and prevents that all important forward movement.

If you can say for a fact, something won’t work through research and tracking, that’s fine, that’s common sense and logical deduction using facts, but don’t scare monger or condition yourself to be worried about biting the bullet and going for it. After all, what is there to stop you aside from worries about something not working? In actuality, this isn’t anything that’s stopping you, because you’re the one who controls your own mind. It’s totally up to you.
Take the plunge. Never say I can't. Most of the time when people say they can't, they can, but they either have to face a fear or give something up to get what they want. Go for it. What is stopping you launching your own products using the techniques here? Is there any real reason that makes it not possible to move forward at this point?

All the best with your business!


The whole idea of this report, its goals, its summaries and write-ups was to get you moving forward with your business.  Whatever was stopping you previously from achieving success should now be eliminated and through the methods you've been taught in this guide, you will immediately be able to see if you're moving forward or not moving at all with your business.

Always keep moving forward at a pace. Don't get bogged down, watch yourself closely. Are you being proactive or Reactive? Have you progressed in the last 48 hours? If you're staring at the same things you had two days ago, it's time to start asking questions. Remember what we talked about when looking at reasons for success, these are the most important things to keep in mind, even over product creation, actual marketing techniques or anything like that.

You have to be in the right frame of mind to succeed, those relaxation techniques, quiet time to evaluate the situation, looking from the outside to in. Make sure that you devote 15 minutes a day to personal development.  Read a book, listen to a CD, or watch a DVD.  Keep doing this and you will start to see an extreme rate of development in your business.
Keep your imagination and mind working at all times. Once you launch your first product if you haven't already you will immediately begin to see that ideas begin to come automatically. Unless you mix with your market, it's very hard to come up with ideas to solve problems when you don't know what the problem is in the first place.

Remember, things are gradual. Don't expect to wake up rich one morning, we all know it doesn't work like that in real business, again, keep moving forward, and if you can see development and forward movement each and every week, you've won half the battle.

Finally, make sure that you take action!   Never say I can't. Most of the time when people say they can't, they can, but they either have to face a fear or give something up to get what they want. Go for it. What is stopping you launching your own products using the techniques here? Is there any real reason that makes it not possible to move forward at this point?

Now It’s Your Turn!

You Can Do It!

I Believe In You!

Believe In Yourself!


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A How-To Guide For Mobile Marketing by Lemont Adams PowerPlaySocial-/-PowerPlaySocialNetwork!

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Consumers seem to be flocking to mobile devices so that they can have access to a number of options throughout their day. When your business utilizes mobile marketing, you are effectively turning the consumers mobile device into an all access pass into their world. Capturing the consumer at times they would otherwise not be available is the beauty of mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing is all about catering to that particular niche, so you really have to play it up by formatting everything you put out to work well in the mobile world. So if you ever do make any videos, make sure they're preemptively formatted for mobile devices to ensure the best quality.

Your natural inclination may be to send out unsolicited messages with your new mobile marketing campaign, but spamming people is never the way to go in any campaign. It is a huge turn-off and can possibly leave a permanent stain on your reputation and cause you to lose regular customers.

When you are sending a text, it is important to get right to the point. Tell your customer why you are messaging, what kind of deal you are offering, how it will help them out, and also how to take advantage of the deal. This will leave your customers a lot happier because you are not just wasting their time.

You are going to want to take the time to develop a solid plan before you start your mobile marketing campaign. You are not going to gain anything from the campaign if you do not take the time that is needed, to properly develop a marketing plan through mobile means.

Split-test your landing pages to see which one performs better. This is a great tactic to use in your mobile marketing campaign because it allows you to quickly put the better material out there. By creating two unique landing pages and then using HubSpot tools, you can perform an A/B Split Test and find out which page to go with.

One of the most interesting aspects of the new smartphones is the inclusion of GPS functions. Incorporate location into your mobile marketing by providing the option for users to quickly locate the nearest authorized retailer or site for your products and services, then offer a discount or promotional code for users who visit that location.

Personalize your mobile-marketing messages. In some cases businesses will fail to personalize the messages, which creates a message that can seem a bit like spam. If you simply use the subscribers name in the message, you will find a better response that is going to yield much better results.

Make sure to conduct a usability test before rolling out your mobile marketing campaign to your consumers. Ask friends, family, employees or all of the above to receive your messages, respond and ask for their honest opinion of the experience. This way you will make sure everything works to provide the best experience for your customers.

With mobile marketing, there is no escape from the influence of a savvy company with a desirable product. Understanding and utilizing this service now, will allow you to grow with the advertising options mobile marketing provides. Using some of the tips in this article will enable you to embrace the mobile marketing process more fluidly.

Making Success Seem Simple!